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Paralegal/Legal Assistant/Lawyer's Assistant Individual Tutoring Online Certificate Program

For more information about this fast-growing career, see the Bureau of Labor Statistics information page on Paralegals and Legal Assistants.

In collaboration with Midwest Paralegal Studies, Alber Enterprise Center offers a 12-month (non-credit & non degree) Paralegal Certificate of Completion. The five-part, generalist program provides a comprehensive overview of all the paralegal roles and responsibilities.

Who Can Enroll

This professional program is recommended for those in the legal profession seeking advancement or for someone interested in a career change. It is open to anyone with a high school diploma/GED.

Flexible Study

This is an online tutoring program designed to begin with a free two-hour orientation seminar online. Contact us for more information. The certificate series includes a total of five classes each lasting a maximum of seven weeks. Classes are designed to facilitate the individual needs of both novices and those currently working in the legal field.

You will learn how to:

  1. Research and write a legal office memo
  2. Explore and investigate a legal specialty
  3. Learn the procedures of a local court system
  4. Understand the management of a law office
  5. Develop strategies for a paralegal job search

Earning the Certificate

A (non-credit/non-degree) certificate of completion will be presented by The Ohio State University Alber Enterprise Center to those who complete all five courses in the series within the 12-month program period.


Tuition for each of the five classes is $195. The total cost to complete the five-course certificate series is $975 (includes all study materials online).

About the Instructor

Mr. Zoran V. Perovanovich has been a paralegal, educator and consultant for more than 25 years. He is the founder and instructor of Midwest Paralegal Studies and is dedicated to coordinate flexible, low-cost entry-level paralegal tutoring across the country.

How the Program Works

As a student, you will access all of the lectures and study materials you will need weekly online and via email. You will receive additional individual tutoring as needed during the course of the program. Courses must be taken in the order in which they are listed below. Start dates for all five classes are the first week of February, April, June, September, and November. Contact us for specific dates and times.

Free Orientation

Paralegal Seminar (1 day) $Free

Paralegal, legal assistant, lawyer's assistant are all titles used interchangeably to describe individuals who work with attorneys and other professionals in the field of law. Contact us to find out how to access this free online information seminar.

The Five Classes Curriculum

Paralegal Research (7 weeks) $195.00

This class will coach you in paralegal research and writing tools. All students will access law resources online once a week for specific assignments. In addition, each student will write an office legal memo using legal techniques and current rules of law applying the same to support a conclusion based upon the IRAC reasoning technique. All work must be submitted online.

Paralegal Jurisprudence (7 weeks) $195.00

This class will coach you in the paralegal profession including many of the more popular entry-level areas of legal specialization (family, corporate, probate, real estate and many others). All students will be required to select and pursue at least one specialty area and write a 10 page report for substantive career development. Each student will also be required to take weekly quizzes and a final exam online.

Paralegal Litigation (7 weeks) $195.00

This class will coach you in litigation and trial support used by entry level practicing paralegals in daily procedural work. All students will be required to visit a local court system and investigate the procedures of pre-trial, trial, post-trial and appeals. In addition, each student will be asked to make a presentation of the court visit and complete a selected deposition abstract online.

Paralegal Management (7 weeks) $195.00

This class will coach you in paralegal office manager tools at work. All students will be required to network/mentor with an entry-level, practicing paralegal in the field and acquire information on the organization of law firms, corporations and/or government legal departments in order to complete a presentation for class. All quizzes and the final exam will be taken online.

Paralegal Career (7 weeks) $195.00

This class will coach you in paralegal job search/portfolio method and will help you identify special legal skills that are part of your unique niche in the paralegal market. All students will be required to compose a 15-section paralegal career portfolio and explore three job leads in a local law practice in order to complete a class presentation.

* The total hours for the class are approximated - The final number depends on each student prior education & experience.

Contact us for more information on the Paralegal Program..



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